Flight delayed? Excellent! The airport where waiting is child’s play

Photo credit: Singapore Changi Airport

Hanging around an airport, waiting for a flight is perhaps not everyone’s idea of a good time, but thanks to some imaginative thinking at Singapore Changi Airport, travelers, and indeed members of the general public, can now get some genuine excitement from a mundane wait, with a ride down a four-storey high slide at speeds of up to six metres per second.

The Slide@T3 is the world’s tallest – and presumably only – slide of its kind in an airport. For every S$30 you spend at Changi on a single purchase, you redeem two tokens to ride the 12 metre slide in the Terminal 3 arrivals hall. How do you equip an airport with a slide? Have a look at Changi’s brief film below that shows how it was done:

The airport has also installed a second, shorter slide (one-and-a-half storeys) to give those concerned that they might experience turbulence before they fly on the main slide, a mini-taste of that sliding feeling.

At Cavotec, we are rather keen on fresh approaches and ingenious ideas – and we think the Slide@T3 is lovely.