Cavotec powers battery-driven passenger ferry

The glorious waters of the Swedish capital are a little cleaner today, and a little quieter, thanks to one of our innovative shore power systems which is being used to charge a battery-powered passenger ferry.

At the ready: the Cavotec AMP cable unit.

At the ready: the Cavotec AMP cable unit.

The project involves Echandia Marine and global engineering group ABB. Cavotec has supplied a cable reel, a connector and a radio remote control (RRC) unit for a system which charges 34 battery packs on board the E/S Movitz, a small passenger vessel which ferries commuters and tourists around the islands of central Stockholm.

The Cavotec motorised cable reel and connector ensure the safe and efficient transmission of electrical current, (DC), from land, while the system itself is remotely operated by a Cavotec RRC 2-3 unit.

Two electric motors, or pods, provide propulsion and steering for the ferry, and generate 125kW of power. On a single charge, the vessel can operate for up to 90 minutes. The Movitz also has two diesel generators on board as back-up in the event of battery failure.

The ferry can even be fitted with solar panels or fuel cells. Emissions from the Movitz are therefore virtually nil, compared to 300 tonnes of carbon dioxide, three tonnes of nitrogen oxide and 160kg of particulate matter which the ferry generated in the past using conventional diesel propulsion.

Furthermore, the only sound on this ferry are passengers chatting and waves lapping around the hull.

This application shows how emissions can be cut effectively and efficiently. How’s your Swedish? If it’s good, you can read more about this application on ABB’s website here.

Cavotec order for fuel hydrant systems at USAF base

Cavotec receives order for fuel hydrant equipment at USAF base in UK

We have received an order from US Air Force base RAF Mildenhall to supply advanced ground support equipment.

The order includes Cavotec fuel hydrant pits on the apron as well as specialist equipment such as high point vent and low point drain pits. As part of the contract, Cavotec will also supply specialist off apron, rolling cover pits such as test and flush pits and prefabricated tank truck refuelling pits.

Mildenhall is situated in Suffolk, England and became a joint USAF-RAF operation base in 1950. The host unit is the 100th Air Refuelling Wing, which provides in-flight refuelling to US and NATO aircraft. Cavotec also supplies ground support equipment for a number of military bases in the UK, including RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, the largest station of the Royal Air Force.

NASDAQ OMX welcomes Cavotec to Stockholm

NASDAQ OMX welcomes Cavotec to Stockholm

Global engineering group Cavotec’s new listing on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm was marked with a special ceremony in the Swedish capital today. Cavotec CEO Ottonel Popesco rang the bell at 9.00am CET to signify the first day of trading. He then made a short speech before being interviewed by the NASDAQ OMX media team.

You can watch the ceremony here.

“We are delighted to have successfully completed the move to the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. This is an important milestone in Cavotec’s development that reflects our geographical footprint in that we have substantial presence in Europe and where the importance of Asia, the Americas and other key areas continue to grow,” said Ottonel Popesco.

In recent years, Cavotec has made substantial strategic investments in innovative products — such as automated mooring systems, Alternative Maritime Power for ships and in-ground utility systems for aircraft — and in a global network of companies. As a result, the Group has a well-established presence in more than 27 countries in a wide variety of sectors. Its activities are broadly divided across four market units: Ports & Maritime, Airports, Mining & Tunnelling and General Industry.

“We are very happy to be here at the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership in the years ahead,” added Michael Scheepers, Director, Investor Relations & PR.