Slick application of Cavotec Radio Remote Controls (RRC)

An RRC in use with oil spill response equipment.

Right  now the US coast off the Mexican Gulf is right is threatened by oil pollution. Everyday since the oil rig exploded, more than 800 000 liters are leaking off the coast of Louisiana. Currently, Ro-Clean Desmi, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of oil skimmer systems, is using our radio remote controls. This makes skimming of large areas possible, efficient and safe.

Working  closely with Ro-Clean Desmi, Cavotec Danmark and Cavotec MC in Abensberg ensured that the necessary remote control (a special MC 3-5 made to withstand ultra harsh offshore-environments) was made available within a very short period of time.

Watch a short video clip about oil response equipment here and keep your eyes peeled for a Cavotec RRC in use at around 2:50.