Global warming: the tides are changing

Cargo ship, © NORDCAPITAL

Cargo ship, © NORDCAPITAL

We recently applauded the airline industry as the first to take a united stand in cutting emissions.  In our business, one of our next thoughts was – what about the shipping industry?

The International Chamber of Shipping cites international shipping as “by far, the most carbon efficient mode of commercial transport – some 30 times more efficient than cargo aviation.”  However efficient it may be, shipping still produces 3 per cent of world carbon dioxide emissions.

A related Financial Times article said the the UK government would be “pressing for both shipping and aviation to be included in an international scheme [to decrease carbon emissions] and that the industries should lead the debate because otherwise others would do so for them.”

This last point resonates on several levels.  Firstly, as a company with a heritage of innovative efficiency (for example, read here or here) we help shape all industries in which we work.  Ultimately, we hope to see both the airline and shipping industry become cleaner and more effective.  While in the past, efforts to combat global warming tended to be based on geographic boundaries, these recent pledges suggest that industry is taking a more supranational approach.

We look forward to seeing other industrys follow suit.