Cavotec supplies GSE for Ghana airport

Ghana International Airport

Ghana International Airport

Global engineering group and airport systems integrator Cavotec has won an order to supply advanced ground support equipment for the “Gateway to West Africa”, Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

We will manufacture, supply and integrate a complete fuel hydrant system at the country’s main airport in Accra.

“The order includes full integration, on-site commission and quality control. This is what Cavotec does best: working closely with our partners around the world to provide made-to-order complete system integration,” says Managing Director of Cavotec Dabico, Gary Matthews.

Situated 10 kilometres from the centre of Accra, KIA is Ghana’s sole international airport and consists of domestic, international and freight terminals.

Cavotec already has ground support equipment in operation in many parts of Africa, including Kenya, Nairobi, Senegal and extensively in South Africa.

Cavotec integrated systems for airports

Global engineering group Cavotec develops integrated systems for airports around the world that help drive operational efficiency, reduce tarmac congestion and improve local air quality. Cavotec’s Airports market unit is made up of Cavotec Dabico, Cavotec Meyerinck, Cavotec Fladung and most recently Cavotec INET.

Cavotec – Advanced ground support equipment

Working closely with airlines, aircraft manufacturers and airport operators, Cavotec designs, manufactures and integrates a broad range of advanced ground support equipment, including in-ground fuel and utility systems, tunnel systems and pre-conditioned air units and 400hz systems.

Cavotec in-ground fuel system

Cavotec in-ground fuel systems are in use at airports all over the world. Through a strong focus on quality and innovation Cavotec’s systems have become the natural choice for industry operators. In addition to designing and manufacturing in-ground fuel systems, Cavotec also provides installation supervision and long-term support of its systems.

Cavotec film: shore power and fuel pit systems in the US

Mårten and Oskar discuss filming tactics beside a Cavotec AMP Mobile unit POLA May 28 2011

Mårten and Oskar talk tactics by a Cavotec AMP Mobile unit at the Port of LA

In the most recent stage of our round-the-world film trip, we have successfully filmed our shore power systems in operation at San Francisco’s Port of Oakland and at the Port of Los Angeles (POLA).

At the Port of Oakland we obtained some excellent footage of AMP (Alternative maritime power) connecting to the APL Singapore, a 4,800 TEU container ship. And at the POLA, under clear blue skies, we were able to film AMP Mobile, see image above.

In the week ahead, we’ll be traveling to Las Vegas McCarren International Airport to film fuel pit systems, and the Port of Virginia for footage of our cable reels on STS cranes.

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