Corporate film trailer and MoorMaster™ film launched


We launched two films last week: a tantalising taster of our upcoming corporate film, and a special short film all about our award-winning automated mooring technology MoorMaster™. Both films feature footage from our brand new film set for release on October 19th, the same day the Cavotec share is set for listing on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.

Highlights from the trailer include footage from our automated mooring units in DenmarkCanada and Australia, shore-to-ship Alternative Maritime Power systems at the Port of Los Angeles and our ground support equipment at Frankfurt International Airport.

You can watch the trailer right now over at You Tube or Daily Motion.


The MoorMaster™ film shows the units in action at the Port of Hov in Denmark and at Utah Point berth in Port HedlandWestern Australia. You can also watch this video on You Tube or Daily Motion now.

Cavotec starts shooting new company film


Oscar and Mårten position themselves for the perfect shot at Frankfurt Airport

Oscar and Mårten position themselves for the perfect shot at Frankfurt Airport


After weeks of careful planning, we have now started shooting our brand new company film that will provide a flavour of the technological diversity and geographical variety of our customer base.

The new film will present the Cavotec Group to customers, partners and the general public, and will replace the existing version that has served us so well in recent years.

Our first stop on the filming trip was Frankfurt Airport, where we gathered footage of our ground support equipment that serves a wide range of aircraft including the Airbus A380. After filming MoorMaster™ automated mooring units in Denmark operating on a fast ferry route, the team are headed Down Under to shoot the newest MoorMaster™ application at Port Hedland.

The final leg of the trip will take the team to the US. Here they will film several applications at ports and airports across the country, including cable reels on ship-to-shore cranes at the Port of Virginia, Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) systems at the Port of Los Angeles and more ground support equipment at Los Angeles International Airport.

We’ll be posting images, updates and anecdotes from the road on our Facebook page, with alerts on Twitter that you can find with #Cavotecfilm.

MoorMaster™ makes Scandinavian debut

We have successfully completed the commissioning of Scandinavia’s first fully automated vacuum-based mooring system, MoorMaster™ units at Hov Terminal, with Danish ferry operator Nordic Ferry Services (NFS).

MoorMaster™ units at Hov Terminal

MoorMaster™ units at Hov Terminal

The NFS installation includes two MoorMaster™ units in the port of Hov on the Danish mainland, Jutland, and a further two across the Århus Bugt at Saelvig Port on the island of Samsoe. The units will perform between six and eight mooring operations a day throughout the year.  Designed to meet the specific conditions at Hov and Saelvig, each of the MoorMaster™ units has a holding capacity of 400K/N. Each set of twin units is capable of holding vessels in place in wind speeds of up to 24m/s.

The Hov-Saelvig route is served by the new-build passenger ferry Kanhave. Built in Greece, the Kanhave has a capacity of 600 passengers and 110 vehicles.

As with all MoorMaster™ installations, the units are fully automated: running system status checks, and ‘arming’, or preparing to moor, as radio signals activate the units as vessels approach from a distance of up to one kilometer. Cameras mounted on the side of the vessel also allow the captain to closely monitor the position of the ship throughout mooring. The master of the vessel has to press just two buttons throughout the entire process. Operators are able to choose from a hand-held remote unit from the bridge wing, or from a unit located on the bridge. The units remain active once a vessel leaves port in the event a ship needs to return to port, and after a set time the units return to ‘sleep’ mode.

Adopting the automated mooring system MoorMaster™ at Saelvig has saved the port operator substantial expenditure on infrastructure improvements. MoorMaster™ allows the port to increase capacity without the expense and inconvenience of extending the quayside: an operation that would have also reduced access to the port for other vessels.

NFS has a further eight MoorMaster™ units on order due for installation at other Danish ports.