Cavotec systems at Dubai’s dedicated A380 terminal

Our ground support systems are playing their part in Dubai Airport’s newly-opened flagship terminal: the world’s first dedicated to the Airbus A380 superjumbo.

Ground support equipment

Dubai International Airport’s Concourse A, which opened earlier this month, gives Emirates — one of the fastest-growing airlines — an additional capacity of 15 million passengers a year.

Cavotec equipment at Concourse A includes Pop-Up Pits that supply air and electrical power to aircraft. You can see pictures of these systems on our Facebook page.

Cavotec has worked with major airports in the region for many years, and is currently working on projects at several other hub airports. In December we completed the commissioning of a major application at Bahrain International Airport.

Product profile: Cavotec INET electrical converters

Cavotec INET converter power aircraft all over the world

Cavotec INET converters power aircraft all over the world

Here is a brief overview of Cavotec INET electrical converters that ensure the safe and efficient transfer of electrical power to aircraft at airports around the world. 

Cavotec INET electrical converters convert 50Hz mains electrical power to sufficiently high voltages to power aircraft while they stand at the gate.

Aircraft require substantial amounts of power to run on board systems such as lighting, heating, avionics and air conditioning. Where electrical power from the ground is unavailable, aircraft have to run their auxiliary power units (APUs) to power these systems.

APUs however generate substantial amounts of pollutants into the air and consume considerable amounts of fuel. Aircraft that use electrical converters instead thus reduce the amounts of such emissions.

In several recent orders, for example with our latest GSE project in India, Cavotec’s offering has been significantly strengthened by the capacity to integrate electrical converter systems with other utility services into comprehensive turn-key packages.

Cavotec Ground support equipment

Cavotec is a leading system designer and integrator for the global airports sector. Our advanced ground support equipment minimises tarmac congestion, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Click here for a full overview of our technologies for airports.

Click here for more on Cavotec INET converters.


Cavotec film: mission accomplished

Cavotec film trip is complete

Job done: Mårten Ivert Michael Scheepers Oskar Willers complete shooting at Maher Terminals in Newark NJ

After a whirlwind two-week world tour that encompassed four countries and eight shoots, the Cavotec film crew’s mission to gather footage for a new Cavotec corporate film is complete.

Filming got underway at Frankfurt Airport where we shot our ground support systems that service aircraft there. Our next stop was the Danish port of Saelvig to film our MoorMaster™ automated mooring units.

The team then headed Down Under to shoot the newest MoorMaster application at Port Hedland, Western Australia. The US West Coast was next up, where we filmed shore-to-ship power systems at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Oakland.

We then made a brief stop at Los Vegas’ McCarran International Airport to get some additional ground support equipment footage.

The final leg of the tour took us to APMT at the Port of Virginia to shoot spreader reels, before our final shoot at Maher Terminals in Newark, NJ, where we got some excellent shots of Panzerbelt cable protection systems and vast cable reels on STS cranes.

The film crew was myself, cameraman Mårten Ivert and photographer Oskar Willers. We used Canon 5D and 7D cameras, 16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm L-series zooms and a 11-24mm Tokina lens. The tripods were Sachtler and Gitzo.

View images from the trip on our Facebook page.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who made the trip go so smoothly.

We’ll be publishing selected shots from the tour in the weeks ahead. The final version of the film will be ready after the summer.

Jet technology quietly powers up and pollutes less

While many aircraft manufacturers are using lighter weight materials in a bid to reduce fuel consumption, and thus emissions, engine designer Pratt & Whitney, has developed a jet engine that they say cuts fuel use by up to 15 percent.

The Pure Power PW1000G differs from many current aircraft engines, by having an enlarged fan that generates more thrust, thus reducing fuel consumption and cutting CO2 and NOx emissions. Furthermore, the designers say that the engine also reduces noise pollution.

A cross-section of the PW1000G. Photo credit: Pratt & Whitney

There are currently some 400 PW1000Gs on order, primarily for use on regional aircraft, with the first units scheduled to enter service in 2013. Analysis of test data recorded on trials with larger aircraft is ongoing.

We’re excited to see such advances for aircraft in the air, just as Cavotec continues to develop its technologies for aircraft on the ground; one of which, our PCAir system, allows parked aircraft to switch off their engines altogether – even PW1000Gs.

For regular updates on the PW1000G, check out its twitter page. And if you didn’t already know, Cavotec also tweets on a regular basis.

Worldwide coverage for Bahrain order

Following our recent release about our landmark deal, supplying € 30 million worth of ground service equipment to Bahrain International Airport, media from around the world published news items.  Please read a few of the excerpts below.

In our home market of New Zealand:

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Europe-based publications:

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Travel Daily News, November 27, 2009

Defense File, November 26, 2009

AeroMorning, November 26, 2009

Asia-based publications:

Shipping China

From the US:

Airport Business, December 1, 2009

From the Middle East:

PC Magazine, December 9, 2009

Khaleej Times, December 10, 2009

Arabian Aerospace, November 27, 2009

Gulf Daily News, December 10, 2009

Global publications:

AFP, November 26, 2009

Reuters, November 25, 2009

Green Car Congress, November 26, 2009

ASD News, November 27, 2009

Helping build New Doha International Airport

Site of NDIA, photo credit:

Site of NDIA, photo credit:

We have recently signed agreements to supply ground support equipment to several commercial and military airports around the world, most notably with New Doha International Airport (NDIA). The total amount of these orders comes to approximately EUR 4.1 million and includes suppying a range of advanced ground support systems for application in Qatar.

We will supply 36 pop-up pit units, with 2 x 90kVA rating, and 26 access covers for NDIA, scheduled to open in 2010. Eleven of these units are for installation on the cargo apron, with the remaining 25 serving remote parking positions. The pop-up pit systems supply aircraft with air, water, fuel and power.

While NDIA is the end user for the two Qatar orders, we are working directly with two contractors; Gamuda, one of Asia’s premier engineering and construction companies;and leading construction group, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC). We will manufacture the systems and provide installation and operator training.

Following rapid growth in both air passenger and freight in the Middle East in recent years, the NDIA project is set to become a key international hub airport and the new home to Qatar Airways. NDIA hopes the new airport will serve Qatar’s aviation requirements for at least the next 50 years. The site of the new airport, covering some 22 square kilometres, lies to the east of Doha’s existing airport, and involves land reclamation from the Gulf. The airport is also being designed to comfortably handle the Airbus A380 – aircraft Cavotec’s PCAir systems cool in less than 30 minutes.