New lightweight Radio Remote Control unit

New Radio Remote Control (RRC) unit

Small and perfectly formed: our new lightweight Radio Remote Control unit.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of a new lightweight radio remote control (RRC) unit, the MC3100. The unit, already in service with two of our customers, has been designed for frequent, extended use to control mobile cranes, tower cranes, crusher machines and other machinery.

As with many of our innovative systems and technologies, customer feedback has been critical to developing the MC3100.

MC3100 Radio Remote Control

“The MC3100 responds to three key demands identified by our customers: safety, ergonomics and the capacity to perform under severe mechanical stress,” says Cavotec Micro-control’s Peter Grönholm.

We anticipate the unit being especially useful for the general industry, farming and agricultural sectors where operators need to control smaller cranes and other equipment more frequently and for longer periods than many heavy industry and offshore energy applications.

Cavotec radio remote controls systems

We have designed advanced RRC units for the oil and gas, mining and tunnelling  and general industry sectors for many years, including explosion proof units. All the safety features that our engineers developed in the systems that serve these demanding applications have now been incorporated into the MC3100. Here’s a recent post about how our RRCs will be used on the world’s largest deepwater drilling ship, the Dalian Developer.