Jet technology quietly powers up and pollutes less

While many aircraft manufacturers are using lighter weight materials in a bid to reduce fuel consumption, and thus emissions, engine designer Pratt & Whitney, has developed a jet engine that they say cuts fuel use by up to 15 percent.

The Pure Power PW1000G differs from many current aircraft engines, by having an enlarged fan that generates more thrust, thus reducing fuel consumption and cutting CO2 and NOx emissions. Furthermore, the designers say that the engine also reduces noise pollution.

A cross-section of the PW1000G. Photo credit: Pratt & Whitney

There are currently some 400 PW1000Gs on order, primarily for use on regional aircraft, with the first units scheduled to enter service in 2013. Analysis of test data recorded on trials with larger aircraft is ongoing.

We’re excited to see such advances for aircraft in the air, just as Cavotec continues to develop its technologies for aircraft on the ground; one of which, our PCAir system, allows parked aircraft to switch off their engines altogether – even PW1000Gs.

For regular updates on the PW1000G, check out its twitter page. And if you didn’t already know, Cavotec also tweets on a regular basis.