60 days, 23 hours, 49 mins…

Earthrace, photo credit: Earthrace.net

Earthrace boat, photo credit: Earthrace.net

That’s how long it took the Earthrace power boat to speed around the world.  As if it wasn’t enough to break the ten year-old record, the Earthrace boat has more to boast – it is 100% biofueled and 100% carbon neutral.  And it beat the old record by almost two weeks.

The Earthrace began its journey in Sagunto, Spain on April 27, 2008, travelled 23,497 nautical miles with ten refueling stops along the way, returning to Spain in under 61 days.

While new world records are worthy of celebration, we think the larger achievement lies in the fact that a completely environmentally efficient solution rose above the competition to reach an unprecedented level of success.  We don’t expect this to be the last time we will see eco-friendly solutions winning.

You can read more at the Earthrace homepage or in this Marine News article.