The future is green

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With world leaders meeting in Copenhagen now for the United Nations Climate Change Conferences, it make sense to discuss who should take responsibility for the well-being of the Earth and its resources. At the end of last month, the Financial Times published an article that acknowledged government’s responsibility to provide the framework, but called on companies to “deliver results” when it comes to clean technology.

With products such as Cavotec’s AMP or PCAir systems, we certainly hope to be contributing to the business side of the effort.

The article goes on to cite that revenues for low-carbon industries rose 75% in 2008, meaning revenues would exceed $2,000 billion by 2020 if the current trends continue.  Though beset by initial setbacks early in the recession, with $500 billion of the global stimulus package earmarked for “green” projects, the industry saw a big boost.  In fact, the large government investments stimulated the private industry to take a greater interest in clean technology.

With governments upping their “green” commitments and businesses following suit, “the future is bright, the future is green,” according to the FT.  We are interested to see what kind of commitments and actions come out of Copenhagen this week.

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