Shore power facility for offshore ships goes on line

Along with Schneider Electric and the Port of Bergen, we recently hosted the opening of what is believed to be the world’s first shore power facility for offshore supply vessels.

The Skandi Vega connects to shore power at the Port of Bergen.

Luciano Corbetta, Sales Director for our Ports & Maritime unit, also joined other industry experts, environmental organisations as well as local and global media for a series of seminars and in-depth case studies.

During the opening ceremony, which saw the Skandi Vega connected to the Norwegian power grid, local officials announced NOK 2.5 million in increased funding for the introduction of shore power at the port. Earlier, Inge Tangeras, CEO of the Port of Bergen, told delegates: “The future is electric.”

Shore power – also known as Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), cold ironing, and High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) – is the process of connecting ships in port to land-generated electrical power. This allows ships’ crews to switch off vessels’ diesel-fired engines, thereby reducing emissions in ports and surrounding communities.



Cavotec co-hosts shore power event in Bergen

Cavotec co-hosts shore power event in Bergen

Cavotec, Schneider Electric and the Port of Bergen are hosting a major event on shore power next week which will gather leading experts to discuss how the technology is playing an increasingly important role in reducing emissions at the world’s ports.

On Tuesday, June 16 delegates will gather in Bergen to consider key aspects of global shipping’s use of shore power, including the latest developments in shore power technologies, how changes in regulatory frameworks are affecting the application of shore power, and the challenges that exist for its wider use.

Cavotec’s Luciano Corbetta, Sales Director for our Ports & Maritime unit, will join other industry experts, environmental organisations and local and global media for a series of seminars and in-depth case studies.

Shore power – also known as Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), cold ironing, and High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) – is the process of connecting ships in port to land-generated electrical power. This allows vessels’ diesel-fired engines to be switched off, thereby reducing emissions in ports and surrounding communities.

We will also be hosting a port visit during which attendees will see Bergen’s shore power installation at first hand. Furthermore, the event promises to be an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues and network with fellow ports and shore power professionals.

Cavotec is a leading supplier of innovative shore power technologies. Our AMP systems are in use at a large number of low and medium voltage ship- and port-based applications worldwide.

Cavotec showcases shore power at TOC Middle East

We were exhibiting at TOC Middle East this week, one of the port sector’s largest events attracting port authorities, shipping lines, and port equipment manufacturers. The exhibition was well-attended, with automation and electrification topping the agenda.

Daniel Lexander presents a seminar on automation and shore power at TOC Middle East

Daniel Lexander delivers a presentation on electrification and shore-to-ship power at TOC Middle East.

During the three-day event, one of our Ports & Maritime experts, Daniel Lexander, delivered a presentation entitled “Technical Solutions to Reduce Emissions at Container Terminals” at one of several “Tech TOC” seminars.

Daniel’s talk provided an overview of the latest technological developments and applications of these technologies at ports worldwide. One of the main topics covered was the electrification of RTG cranes previously powered by diesel. This helps reduce emissions and running costs.

The other key area of the presentation dealt with shore power, also know as “cold ironing”: the connection of ships in port to grid-generated electrical power, that enables vessels to switch of the generators, again reducing emissions.

Electricity produced for the grid, even by conventional means, is considerably cleaner than power generated by burning the low-grade oil used by ships.

Our shore power systems – Alternative Maritime Power – are now fitted, or are currently being installed, on more than 500 ships, while ports across North America and Europe use land-based versions of the technology. You can see a mobile AMP unit in action at the Port of Los Angeles here.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with port authorities, shipping lines and others on these and other innovative technologies.

Official opening of shore power systems at Port of Ystad

Official opening of Cavotec shore power systems at Port of Ystad

Cavotec AMP shore-to-ship electrical application at the Port of Ystad

In September, we were delighted to see Swedish environment minister Lena Ek officially open a Cavotec Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) shore-to-ship electrical application at the Port of Ystad in southern Sweden – the largest high voltage shore connection anywhere in the world.

Ystad is the latest of a growing number of Swedish ports that have adopted Cavotec’s shore power systems: technologies that enable ports to substantially improve environmental performance.

“Our shore power systems are now in use at several Swedish ports, demonstrating our growing role in making dramatic improvements to air quality in the industry. With the onset of stricter environmental requirements, this is a role we anticipate will expand in the years ahead,” says Cavotec Chief Executive Ottonel Popesco.

The Ystad installation, incorporating four passenger ferry berths, is used by Polferries and Unity Line for their sailings to the Polish city of Świnoujście. Ystad is Sweden’s third largest port in terms of passenger numbers.

You can see some images of the application on our Facebook page.

Working closely with local partners Processkontroll Elektriska and industrial group ABB, Cavotec supplied the cable management systems that enable vessels to connect to the local electricity grid while docked, thus reducing particulate matter emissions and so improving air quality in the port and surrounding communities.

Ystad is the latest of a number of Cavotec shore power installations in Sweden. The Port of Stockholm, the Port of Gothenburg, the Port of Trelleborg and the Port of Karlskrona all use Cavotec AMP systems. The first such system came on line in the ports of Gothenburg and Stockholm in the 80s. The Group’s shore power systems are also increasingly widely used at ports on the US west coast, as well as in Canada, Europe and the Far East.

Cavotec AMP systems make it possible for vessels to switch off their engines while docked and to connect to shore side electricity. Services such as power supply for reefer containers, lighting, heating, food preparation and cargo handling are then run directly from the port. Switching off ships’ engines and connecting to grid-generated electricity reduces fuel consumption and dramatically cuts emissions.

Swedish media coverage on the opening of the world’s largest high-voltage shore power application

Recent Cavotec media coverage in Sweden

We recently played a key role in the launch of the world’s largest high-voltage Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) application at the southern Swedish port of Ystad. The application is made of three separate berths that will offer shoreside electrical power to passenger ferries calling at the port. Following the announcement, several stories appeared in the Swedish media.

Here’s an article from local daily Ystad Allehanda (in Swedish). Ystad’s port authority also published an article on the continuing work at the port to expand its range of environmental initiatives, such as the use of shore power. And our customer on the project also published a detailed description of how the Ystad application works.


The three shore-power applications at Ystad are the highest voltage units in the world

The three shore-power applications at Ystad are the highest voltage units in the world. Photo credit: Mark Hanlon

If your Swedish is a bit rusty, you can read more about our shore power systems.

Cavotec engineers have developed shore power technologies for many years and our systems now help improve air quality at ports across Europe and North America, including the Port of Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Cavotec’s Ports & Maritime systems

Our innovative technologies enable ports worldwide to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably. In addition to shore-to-ship power systems, we manufacture automated mooringPanzerbelt cable protection systems, crane controllers, marine propulsion slip rings, power chains and connectors, radio remote controls, motorised cable reels and steel chains.

Alternative Maritime Power to play key role in Port of Los Angeles modernisation

Alternative Maritime Power to play key role in Port of Los Angeles modernisation

The Port of Los Angeles has included Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) as one of several measures outlined in a major modernisation programme at its container berths.

According to a statement released by the port, the planned expansion of berths 302-306 will create nearly 3,400 jobs during construction and add nearly a 8,000 permanent jobs in the POLA region by 2027.

The programme includes the extension of the POLA’s use of AMP, with a requirement for 70 per cent of APL container ships to connect to shore power by 2017, increasing to 95 per cent by 2026.

“Green innovations include equipping the entire terminal with Alternative Maritime Power electrical infrastructure to eliminate emissions from ships at berth and other San Pedro Bay Clean Air Action Plan measures,” the statement says.

The programme will also see the doubling of the number of gantry cranes throughout the terminal to increase container handling capacity.

Other environmental measures incorporated into the project and ongoing terminal operations include efforts to maximise the number of clean ships calling at the terminal; increased participation in the Vessel Speed Reduction Program; use of the cleanest available equipment during construction, and the greenest available yard equipment for daily terminal operations; operational and terminal design measures to keep truck traffic flowing and reduce idling; new offices built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards; and a “Port contribution of more than $4.2 million to the Port Community Mitigation Trust Fund for collaborative projects that reduce the cumulative environmental impacts of Port-related operations on neighboring communities.”

The announcement comes a week after we published news of orders for shore-to-ship electrical systems from neighbouring Port of Long Beach and San Francisco’s Port of Oakland.

Cavotec and POLA, AMP systems

Cavotec and POLA have worked together for many years on several projects including AMP systems, (including One-hand-lift Shore Power Vault Covers and AMP Mobile pictured above), Panzerbelt cable protection systems for cranescable reels installed on ship-to-shore cranes, One-hand-lift Fire Hydrant Covers and One-hand-lift Compressed Air Pit Assemblies.