Plastiki meets Solar Impulse

The Turanor

The Turanor, the world's largest solar-powered yacht. Photo credit: PlanetSolar

We like to follow environmentally friendly innovations on this blog and now two of our favorites (Plastiki, the boat made of plastic bottles that is sailing around the world, and Solar Impulse, a solar-powered airplane) have seemingly merged into a new project we picked up the other day on CNN. PlanetSolar is behind the Turanor – the world’s largest solar-powered yacht that plans to sail around the world.

As CNN describes, the Turanor is as heavy as a whale, 30 meters long, and adorned with 536 square-meters of photovoltaic panels – enough to cover over two tennis courts – which will be used to power the 50,000 kilometre journey with nothing but energy from the sun. Departing from the Mediterranean Sea, Turanor will travel across the Atlantic and through the Panama Canal, before crossing the Pacific and Indian oceans and sailing down the Suez Canal.

“This is not just an adventure story,” skipper Raphael Domjan told CNN. “We want to show the world that we have the technology right now to change how we do things.”

See more images and video of PlanetSolar at their homepage.

ES117 Superyacht

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CNN reported the other day that couturier Elie Saab, whose clientele includes actresses Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, unveiled his design for a 117-meter superyacht at last month’s Abu Dhabi yacht show. The yacht, named “ES117,” will include 12 suites, a swimming pool, movie theater, helicopter, submarine, spa and gym.

“I always sought to represent my vision of modernity and elegance beyond the conventional limits of fashion,” Saab told CNN. “Both haute couture and superyachts are distinctive examples of luxury. The project of a yacht is already a luxury.”

Here’s hoping that the luxurious ES117 plans to plug into onshore AMP electricity while in port.  After all, being “green” is fashionable too!