High Costs Ground Aviation Biofuel

High Costs Ground Aviation Biofuel

Environmentally-friendly biofuels hit both the headlines and the skies this week when a United Airlines aircraft successfully completed a commercial flight powered by biofuel.

Other leading airlines have also recently experimented with biofuels as a way of reducing emissions and combatting rising oil prices. Boeing recently announced that biofuels would make up 1% of the fuel it uses annually by 2015 and estimated that biofuels could reduce flight-related greenhouse-gas emissions globally by up to 80 percent. The air transport industry is currently responsible for 2 percent of man-made carbon dioxide emitted globally.

Despite recent testing and positive results, according to Big Think there are no concrete plans to continue these experiments due to the prohibitively expensive cost of aviation biofuels, which can reach nearly six times the cost of regular jet fuel.

Oil prices increased nearly 500% from 2003 to 2008, indicating that global petroleum production is still in high demand. The lack of viable alternatives to petroleum for aviation fuel only goes to increase the urgency of the search for alternatives.

At Cavotec, we always enjoy hearing about innovative technologies that enable airports to operate more sustainably and work more productively. We shall be following the development of this particular approach with interest.

Earlier this year, Cavotec received an important order as part of a project at London’s Heathrow Airport for ground support systems for Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Under this contract, Cavotec will deliver hatch pit systems, converter caddies, power units and cable crocodiles.

In the US in September, Cavotec completed a takeover of INET, a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of ground support equipment headquartered in Fullerton, CA. This acquisition further consolidates Cavotec’s position in North America, with nearly 200 employees and colleagues working from three manufacturing facilities and from Cavotec’s own local offices. The deal also marks a milestone in Cavotec’s presence in the U.S. market, given INET’s U.S. and international clients, which include Lockheed, Boeing, NASA, Northrop Grumman, as well as many international airports such as Miami, Bangkok, Cairo, Toronto and Vancouver.

Shipping emissions to be included in UK carbon budgets?

Shipping emissions to be included in the UK's carbon budgets?

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) published a review this week recommending that the UK’s share of international shipping emissions should be included in climate targets and carbon budgets.

An article published by Port Technology International describes how the CCC’s recommends inclusion of shipping emissions in country’s carbon budgets, which could account for up to 11 percent of total emissions permitted under the Climate Change Act by 2050. The article also details how the review also provides a detailed assessment of the UK’s share of current international shipping emissions, projected emissions up to 2050 and estimates of the abatement potential from shipping.

Under the Climate Change Act, it is Parliament that must decide whether to include emissions from international shipping in carbon budgets. The UK’s target to reduce emissions in 2050 by 80% below 1990 levels.

At Cavotec, we always enjoy hearing about innovative technologies that enable the portsairportsmining and tunnelling and general industries to operate more sustainably and work more productively. We shall be following the development of this particular approach with interest.

Image: Martin Pettitt, Wikimedia Commons

NASDAQ OMX welcomes Cavotec to Stockholm

NASDAQ OMX welcomes Cavotec to Stockholm

Global engineering group Cavotec’s new listing on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm was marked with a special ceremony in the Swedish capital today. Cavotec CEO Ottonel Popesco rang the bell at 9.00am CET to signify the first day of trading. He then made a short speech before being interviewed by the NASDAQ OMX media team.

You can watch the ceremony here.

“We are delighted to have successfully completed the move to the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. This is an important milestone in Cavotec’s development that reflects our geographical footprint in that we have substantial presence in Europe and where the importance of Asia, the Americas and other key areas continue to grow,” said Ottonel Popesco.

In recent years, Cavotec has made substantial strategic investments in innovative products — such as automated mooring systems, Alternative Maritime Power for ships and in-ground utility systems for aircraft — and in a global network of companies. As a result, the Group has a well-established presence in more than 27 countries in a wide variety of sectors. Its activities are broadly divided across four market units: Ports & Maritime, Airports, Mining & Tunnelling and General Industry.

“We are very happy to be here at the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership in the years ahead,” added Michael Scheepers, Director, Investor Relations & PR.

Cavotec to launch new corporate film packed with footage of our innovative systems in October

Cavotec to launch new corporate film packed with footage of our innovative systems in October #cavotec #cavotecfilm

Our new film, packed with motorised cable reels, aircraft ground support systems and automated mooring units, was shot at eight locations in Europe, Australia and the US during a two-week whirlwind tour made in May and June this year.

The itinerary included Frankfurt Airport, the Danish port of Saelvig, Port Hedland, Western Australia, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of OaklandLos Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, the Port of Virginia and finally Maher Terminals in Newark, NJ.

We’ll be publishing the final version of the film during October, with a teaser going live on Monday, October 10.

Cavotec airports market unit exhibitions for October

Cavotec airports market unit exhibitions for October

October is a busy month for Cavotec’s airport market unit with international trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences around the world. Cavotec Dabico will be at NBAA 2011 – the 64th Annual Meeting & Convention held 10-12 October in Las Vegas, USA. Cavotec Dabic, Cavotec Fladung & Cavotec Meyerinck will all be represented at Inter Airport Europé held 10-14 October in Munich, Germany and Cavotec Russia CIS will be at the 40th Airport & Surroundings conference held 27-28 October in Moscow, Russia.

Cavotec entered the burgeoning market for specialised ground support equipment and airport security systems in 1968, and has grown ever since. Focusing on safety, reliability, innovation and above all, tailoring our solutions to specific challenges faced by airport operators, Cavotec has become a global leader with industry operators.

Cavotec starts shooting new company film


Oscar and Mårten position themselves for the perfect shot at Frankfurt Airport

Oscar and Mårten position themselves for the perfect shot at Frankfurt Airport


After weeks of careful planning, we have now started shooting our brand new company film that will provide a flavour of the technological diversity and geographical variety of our customer base.

The new film will present the Cavotec Group to customers, partners and the general public, and will replace the existing version that has served us so well in recent years.

Our first stop on the filming trip was Frankfurt Airport, where we gathered footage of our ground support equipment that serves a wide range of aircraft including the Airbus A380. After filming MoorMaster™ automated mooring units in Denmark operating on a fast ferry route, the team are headed Down Under to shoot the newest MoorMaster™ application at Port Hedland.

The final leg of the trip will take the team to the US. Here they will film several applications at ports and airports across the country, including cable reels on ship-to-shore cranes at the Port of Virginia, Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) systems at the Port of Los Angeles and more ground support equipment at Los Angeles International Airport.

We’ll be posting images, updates and anecdotes from the road on our Facebook page, with alerts on Twitter that you can find with #Cavotecfilm.