Product profile: Cavotec INET electrical converters

Cavotec INET converter power aircraft all over the world

Cavotec INET converters power aircraft all over the world

Here is a brief overview of Cavotec INET electrical converters that ensure the safe and efficient transfer of electrical power to aircraft at airports around the world. 

Cavotec INET electrical converters convert 50Hz mains electrical power to sufficiently high voltages to power aircraft while they stand at the gate.

Aircraft require substantial amounts of power to run on board systems such as lighting, heating, avionics and air conditioning. Where electrical power from the ground is unavailable, aircraft have to run their auxiliary power units (APUs) to power these systems.

APUs however generate substantial amounts of pollutants into the air and consume considerable amounts of fuel. Aircraft that use electrical converters instead thus reduce the amounts of such emissions.

In several recent orders, for example with our latest GSE project in India, Cavotec’s offering has been significantly strengthened by the capacity to integrate electrical converter systems with other utility services into comprehensive turn-key packages.

Cavotec Ground support equipment

Cavotec is a leading system designer and integrator for the global airports sector. Our advanced ground support equipment minimises tarmac congestion, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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Breakthrough aircraft ground support order in India

News of our breakthrough aircraft ground support order in #India and the United States #airports #cavotec

Cavotec has won a substantial order for advanced ground support equipment at Memphis International Airport in the United States, and a breakthrough order for electrical converter systems at Hyderabad Airport in India.

Cavotec is to supply fuel hydrant pits, vault access covers and valve isolation chambers for aircraft stands at Memphis Airport. The project is divided into five separate phases, and Cavotec will deliver its element of the order throughout the year.

Meanwhile in India, at Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport, Cavotec is involved in a project to expand the airport’s cargo apron and the modernisation of four remote cargo aircraft stands. The Group will deliver, install and commission 180kVA 400Hz electrical power converters, 400Hz hatch pits from Cavotec Fladung, and supply 50Hz and 400 Hz cables. This is the very first time that Cavotec will supply aircraft electrical converter systems to the Indian market.

Both the projects at Hyderabad Airport are scheduled for commissioning in October this year. This is the latest phase of the airport’s extensive modernisation programme that will see another 12 positions delivered in 2013.

“This is our first order in India not only for Cavotec INET converter systems, but also for Cavotec Fladung pit units. We anticipate further opportunities for similar orders as this sector resumes an upswing in activity,” explains Nicklas Pihl, Managing Director Cavotec India.