Talk of Camden in Airports AND Ports publications

Following our release about the Port of Camden’s cathodic pit system order, we have collected a sample of the resulting media coverage.  Given that the cathodic pit systems were originially designed for the Airports sector, but in this case are in use within the Ports & Maritime sector, the release generated coverage in both sectors’ trade publications.

Airport Technology, June 9, 2009

Shiff & Hafen, June 9, 2009

Maritime & Energy, June 9, 2009

Protection systems for Port of Camden, New Jersey

We have signed a deal with marine equipment supplier Atlantic Subsea Inc. to supply cathodic protection pit assemblies for the South Jersey Port Beckett Terminal at the Port of Camden, NJ.  Twenty Cavotec cathodic protection pit assemblies will be installed at the Port of Camden’s South Jersey Port Beckett Terminal.  Located on the Delaware River, close to the Atlantic Ocean, the South Jersey Port Corporation handles primarily bulk cargo vessels.

Ships and port infrastructure are constantly exposed to corrosion, but our cathodic pit systems drastically reduce corrosion rates on all types of metallic surface.  Cathodic protection (CP) controls corrosion of metal surfaces by making metals behave as cathodes in electrochemical cells.  The units are designed to protect electrical system conduits that will serve the Marine Terminal facility at Port Beckett.  Delivery is scheduled for August, and the terminal is due to open in October.

Manufactured by Cavotec Dabico, the cathodic protection systems for the Port of Camden represent one of the our Group’s key strengths; the ability to harness technologies from one sector and apply them to others.  Here a technology from the Airports sector is at use in the Ports & Maritime sector!