Cavotec film: MoorMaster™ automated mooring units at Port Hedland, Western Australia

The intrepid Cavotec film crew, Port Hedland May 23, 2011

The intrepid Cavotec film crew, after a day's filming at Port Hedland

In the latest leg of our round the world film trip, we successfully filmed MoorMaster™ automated mooring units in action at Port Hedland, Western Australia.

Following a pre-dawn start, the team – Oscar Willers, Michael Scheepers, Mårten Ivert pictured above – got into position at the port’s Utah Point iron ore berth to film the 14 MoorMaster™ MM200B units that have been in service since last year. All went smoothly and we were able to shoot some excellent material for our new company film. Our thanks to the Port Hedland Port Authority for making all this possible.

Prior to Port Hedland, the team were filming MoorMaster™ units at work at a ferry application on the other side of the world in Denmark.

The next stage of the trip takes us to the US to film Cavotec’s port and airport applications including cable reels on ship-to-shore cranes at the Port of Virginia, Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) systems at the Port of Los Angeles and more ground support equipment at Los Angeles International Airport.

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