PEMA welcomes new members

As proud PEMA members, we are always happy to welcome new members, this time with the three latest.

1. Nexans: a worldwide leader in the cable industry, offering an extensive range of cables and cabling systems. The Group is present in 39 countries and provides solutions for the energy, transport, telecom, shipbuilding, oil and gas, nuclear power, automotive, electronics, aeronautics, handling and automation sectors.

2. AME: is a specialist provider of active transponders, safety systems and access control systems for the ports sector and a broad range of industries. AME’s areas of specialisation include sensors, antennae, front-end solutions for millimeter wave and microwave applications; data acquisition and processing of digital signals, communication protocols, wireless systems, MW / RF short range for industrial automation and network communication; Bluetooth, software interfaces and multimedia systems.

3. SICK AG: one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications, including factory, logistics automation and process automation. In the global ports market, SICK’s scanners help terminal operators improve safety by reducing the probability of collisions between cranes, vehicles and goods. SICK products are also widely used to assist in the positioning of cranes and containers.

PEMA’s membership has grown steadily over the past year.