Dubai Airport tops list for A380 flights: report

Dubai International Airport has been named as the world’s leading hub in terms of A380 flights by airports business intelligence news provider the Moodie

According to the report, Dubai handled 7,259 A380 flights to 28 destinations in 2012. The vast majority of these flights were operated by Emirates, the world´s biggest operator of the super-jumbo aircraft.

Airports Dubai

Singapore Changi was second, with 6,653 A380 flights, and London Heathrow was third with 3,697. Frankfurt, Sydney, Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Melbourne were also in the top 10.

Dubai was also recently named as the world´s second busiest airport in terms of international passenger traffic.

Aircraft ground support equipment

Cavotec´s innovative ground support equipment supplies A380 aircraft at Dubai´s dedicated Emirates Concourse A with essential services such as cool air and electrical power.

As previously announced, we are also currently supplying our ground support equipment for the new Emirates A380 Engineering Centre at the airport. For this project, we are installing pop-up pit systems and pre-conditioned air units for four new A380 maintenance hangars.

Aviation Refuelling solutions

Cavotec´s aviation systems enable airports to reduce the use of diesel-driven equipment, increasing operational efficiency and resulting in cleaner air and less cluttered tarmac around aircraft.

Cavotec systems at Dubai’s dedicated A380 terminal

Our ground support systems are playing their part in Dubai Airport’s newly-opened flagship terminal: the world’s first dedicated to the Airbus A380 superjumbo.

Ground support equipment

Dubai International Airport’s Concourse A, which opened earlier this month, gives Emirates — one of the fastest-growing airlines — an additional capacity of 15 million passengers a year.

Cavotec equipment at Concourse A includes Pop-Up Pits that supply air and electrical power to aircraft. You can see pictures of these systems on our Facebook page.

Cavotec has worked with major airports in the region for many years, and is currently working on projects at several other hub airports. In December we completed the commissioning of a major application at Bahrain International Airport.

Airbus publishes results of survey on future of air travel

A Birdie at 30,000 feet?

Airbus recently published the latest findings of a two-year survey into passenger preferences for the future of flying. The consultation is part of the group’s ‘The Future by Airbus‘ programme that includes a concept aircraft on which you can ‘play’ golf and settle into seats that morph to fit your body.

 Room and a view: an Airbus in 2050

Room and a view: an Airbus in 2050?
Image credit: Airbus

Some key results of the report include the following:

• 63 per cent of correspondents say they expect to fly more by 2050

• 96 per cent believe aircraft will have to become more environmentally sustainable

• Close to 40 per cent of those surveyed say they feel air travel is increasingly stressful

‘Future by Airbus’ is the company’s vision of how aviation can develop sustainably towards 2050. The findings published in July are based on responses from some 10,000 people in 10 countries.

Last year, as part of the programme, Airbus unveiled a concept aircraft to illustrate how technologies could elevate the passenger flying experience, and improve environmental performance by, for example, using light-weight materials that reduce fuel burn.

The concept also showcases innovations designed to greatly improve passengers’ in-flight experience. Fancy a round of golf at 30,000 feet? Keen on star-gazing – as you jet to the Far East? Prefer seats that morph to fit your body rather than cramp the life out of you? Then perhaps this aircraft, one day, will be for you. Click on the film link below to have a look around the aircraft.

“The Airbus Concept Plane illustrates what air transport could look like in 2050 – even 2030 if advances in existing technologies continue apace,” says the company in a statement published announcing the survey findings.

According to Airbus, the aviation industry as a whole has “reduced fuel burn and emissions by 70 per cent and noise by 75 per cent in the past 40 years.”

We hope these dreams take flight one day, and while Airbus strives to innovate aircraft in the air, we continue to improve how aircraft are serviced on the ground.

Cavotec at a number of major trade shows in March 2012

Cavotec will be at a number of high-profile trade shows in March 2012

March is set to be yet another busy much for trade shows, with innovative engineering group Cavotec present at events in USA, China, Europe, South America and the Middle East. Please get in touch with us via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook (details below) if you are planning to attend one of these events and would like to arrange a meeting.

7-9 March: Cygnus Aviation Expo in Las Vegas, USA.

13-15 March: WETEX in Dubai, UAE.

13-15 March: TOC Asia in Hong Kong, China.

13-15 March: Stocexpo in Rotterdam, NL.

19-20 March: The Spring Conference in Washington, USA.

20-22 March: Kingdoms Airports Expansion summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

27 March-1 April: Fidae Santiago de Chile in Santiago de Chile.

27-29 March: On & Offshore in Gorinchem, NL.

For further details please contact Michael Scheepers, Director Investor Relations & PR:

To find out more about Cavotec, please visit our website. For updates on Cavotec projects, technologies and industry news, take a look at our blog or connect with us via Twitter or  Facebook.