Swedish media coverage on the opening of the world’s largest high-voltage shore power application

Recent Cavotec media coverage in Sweden

We recently played a key role in the launch of the world’s largest high-voltage Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) application at the southern Swedish port of Ystad. The application is made of three separate berths that will offer shoreside electrical power to passenger ferries calling at the port. Following the announcement, several stories appeared in the Swedish media.

Here’s an article from local daily Ystad Allehanda (in Swedish). Ystad’s port authority also published an article on the continuing work at the port to expand its range of environmental initiatives, such as the use of shore power. And our customer on the project also published a detailed description of how the Ystad application works.


The three shore-power applications at Ystad are the highest voltage units in the world

The three shore-power applications at Ystad are the highest voltage units in the world. Photo credit: Mark Hanlon

If your Swedish is a bit rusty, you can read more about our shore power systems.

Cavotec engineers have developed shore power technologies for many years and our systems now help improve air quality at ports across Europe and North America, including the Port of Los Angeles and elsewhere.

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