Cavotec cable reels to power Colombo container cranes

We are delighted to be playing an important role in the development of new container berths at the Port of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Earlier this week we announced news of an order for power and spreader cable reels for 12 ship-to-shore (STS) container cranes for the China Merchant container terminal at the port, one of the country’s fastest growing.

The cranes form an important element of the Colombo South Harbour Development Project, a $500-million initiative that is set to considerably enhance the port’s capacity. The first 600m quay of the container terminal is scheduled to become operational in 2014, while the remaining two stages of the programme are to be completed in 2016.

Cavotec’s Ports & Maritime unit manufactures a diverse range of advanced technologies that help ports around the world to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably. These products include automated mooring systems, shore power technologies, Panzerbelt cable protection systems, crane controllers, marine propulsion slip rings, power chains and connectors, radio remote controls, motorised cable reels and steel chains.