Cavotec Norway in long-distance action

This July, Cavotec Norway won a contract to deliver radio remote controls for control of two dumper trucks, two excavators and one bulldozer. The machinery is being used to clear a 165 square km combat training range in central Norway, land that was used for many years by NATO, along with the Norwegian army and air force.

The clearing project will replace damaged areas with trees and grass.  The estimated end for clearing the explosives is 2012, with all re-vegetation work to be finished by 2020.  Not only does the project provide a unique, sustainable reference in the RRC market, but it proves that we can deliver a solution for the control of heavy machinery a long distance.

In order to protect personnel when performing the work, the dumpers and diggers are controlled from a steel booth 2 – 3 kms away (compared to competitor’s 600 m control distance). Each vehicle can be controlled either from a standard MC-3300 terminal (short distance control) or from a control chair equipped with joysticks, a radio system and  a video system, so the operator can see how to control the machine.

See the clip below – narrated in Norwegian – to see Cavotec’s long distance control in action.

Click through to watch video clip.

Click through to watch video clip.